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Stairs and Landings

Provides Quick Access to All Floors

Precast stairs and landings are the solution for any new building. They are compatible with precast, steel, block or any other type of building product. This product can greatly decrease the overall build time by giving all trades access to all floors as soon as construction begins on each floor. No temporary access stairs or scaffolding is required.

Advantages of Precast Stairs and Landings:
  • Installed as the building is being erected, eliminating the need for temporary access provisions
  • Very little or no maintenance is required
  • Faster construction build times compared to the cast-in-place concrete or steel stair systems
  • Indoor manufacturing ensures consistent quality and allows for year around production
  • Installation not affected by weather conditions
  • Clean and finished appearance immediately upon installation
  • Non-slip finish integrated into precast step.
Stairs and Landings