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Manufactured to Any Shape

Precast balconies can be either prestressed or conventionally reinforced. They are made with a standard (non-slip) light broom finish. They can be manufactured to any custom shape and configuration, including radiuses and upstands. Balconies are generally designed with a sloped top surface and a drip edge on the underside for proper drainage and water run-off. They work very well in combination with hollowcore, providing a quick installation schedule as well as an immediate working platform for other trades.

Advantages of Using Precast Balconies:
  • Very flexible in design 
  • Used with many different building structures
  • Manufactured in many different shapes
  • Requires no on-site finishing required due to the steel form finish on the underside
  • Extremely durable
  • Controlled indoor production allows for excellent quality 
  • Enables erection in any weather condition.
Balconies - Custom Wetcast