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Total Precast

Stubbe’s Precast specializes in being a single stop provider for all your total-precast construction requirements. We understand the building complexities and tight schedules that often arise in today’s construction environment.

To address those challenges, Stubbe’s Precast, in collaboration with a structural engineering team, has developed a total-precast solution for multi-level buildings.

Stubbe’s Precast team works together with owners and developers to provide state of the art and cost effective solutions that suit the individual’s building requirements. The degree to which precast is used varies in each application.

Stubbe’s Precast manages the design, production, scheduling and installation of the project to provide the owner/developer with a shell structure.

Advantages of a Total Precast Structure:

  • Single supplier for the entire structure of the building
  • Quick installation allows for a fast building enclosure, earlier occupancy and lower financing costs
  • More cost effective than traditional building methods
  • Flexibility in design, shape and architectural finish
  • Extremely durable and sound resistant, compared to alternative building methods and materials
  • Immediate finished appearance triggers earlier demand for units
  • Indoor manufacturing ensures consistent quality and allows for year around production
  • Installation not affected by weather conditions
  • Requires no additional fireproofing
 Total Precast Brochure
 Total Precast in Hotel Construction Brochure
Parking Garage Brochure

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