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A Family Company Built on Solid Values

Herb Stubbe, Founder
Herb Stubbe, Founder
Stubbe’s was founded in 1982 by Herb Stubbe, when he designed and manufactured the first precast concrete hog feeders in Ontario, Canada. Over the years the company added various other agricultural products including various types of bunk feeders, bunker silo walls and slats combined with posts and beams.

In 2001, Stubbe’s entered the commercial and residential markets by introducing its Hollow core flooring system. This was followed by the introduction of structural wall panels in 2006. In 2010, Stubbe’s added structural columns, beams and double tees to its product line. All these products are now combined into our specialty TOTAL PRECAST STRUCTURES.

To further diversify its operations, Stubbe’s started up a Redi-Mix plant in 2007 and acquired a rail terminal in 2010 for the purpose of the sales and distribution of Cement Powder.

Stubbe’s has evolved into a multi-faceted company that offers: 

    Senior Management Team
    Senior Management Team
  1. Structural and Architectural Precast Concrete. Production takes place at two state-of-the-art manufacturing plants with over 340,000 square feet of in-door production and support facilities on over 175 acres in South West Ontario.
  2. Redi-Mix Concrete. Our Redi-Mix plant is centrally located to serve 5 counties in the heart of Agricultural South Western Ontario. Stubbe’s Redi-Mix uses front-discharge trucks, conveyor trucks, trailer mixers and concrete pumps to provide a full range of services to our customers.
  3. Bulk Cement. Stubbe’s operates a rail terminal, located in Princeton, ON. This terminal serves Stubbe’s own needs with its bulk carrier fleet, but also supplies customers that value quality product and reliable service by an independent Cement company. 
For years Stubbe's has been continuously searching for new ways to be innovative and to diversify itself as a leader in the concrete sector.  The expansion into other markets has provided them with the opportunity to grow as a company yet still maintain its core values and family traditions.  Stubbe's team is encouraged to go above and beyond what is expected of them on a daily basis and to always Challenge The Norm.

How we have evolved since our founding in 1982

1982 Established
Herb Stubbe starts Stubbe's farm Products.
original farm

1988 Update Batch Plant
Bulk cement silos and updated batching system were added

1997 Slat Machine
Plant expansion and addition of Dry Cast Machine to produce a wide range of agricultural products

2000 Plant 1 Expansion
Plant #1 was expanded to satisfy the demand for agricultural products

2010 Cement Terminal
Acquisition of rail terminal and bulk carrier equipment to handle bulk cement sales and distribution

2007 Redi-mix
Start up of Redi-Mix plant

2006 Second Plant
Erection of a new 47,000 sq ft. manufacturing facility on newly purchased and rezoned 67 acres behind the original location

2001 Hollow Core
Introduction of Hollow core Flooring Systems 2006 - Addition of structural wall panels to the product mix 

2010 Double Tees
Double tees and structural beams are added to the product mix

2011 Plant 2 Expansion
Plant expansion (40,000 sq. ft.) to facilitate increasing demand for Total Precast Structures

2014 Cement Terminal Expansion
Increased storage capacity was doubled with additional silos to the Cement Terminal location

2016 Plant 3
Opening of a new 206,000 sq ft. manufacturing facility on newly purchased and rezoned 100 acres adjacent to the existing property. This plant features a state-of-the-art carousel system to expand precast wall panel production.

2020 Stubbe's Hagersville Redi-Mix Plant
Stubbe's acquired assets to the former PJ Concrete in October 2020, further expanding services in this region.
2020 Stubbe's Hagersville Redi-mix Plant

2020 Stubbe's Hickson Redi-Mix Plant
Opened April 2020, this brand new plant will expand services to a broader range of customers while maintaining the current customer base.
2020 Hickson Redi-mix Plant

2019 Centralia Can-Am Precast Products Plant
Stubbe’s purchased assets of Can-Am to bring the company closer to agricultural markets in the Huron and Perth counties. This also gives access to U.S. markets in Michigan and Ohio.
2019 Centralia Can-Am Precast Products Plant

2019 Precast Head Office
Opening of a brand new 3-storey, Total Precast office building adjacent to the existing property. This exceptional concrete showcase displays our impressive building products offered while highlighting more than 30 unique precast architectural finishes.
2019 Stubbe’s Precast Head Office

2021 Port Weller Marine Terminal
Acquired new marine terminal in Port Weller, bulk cement is processed at this facility..

Incorporated WHSIPERCRETE sound barrier and retaining wall systems into our range of products.

2022 Stubbe's Aggregates
Start processing out of Stubbe’s pit in Thamesford. This pit supplies material to our precast Redi-Mix divisions as well as sell to other concrete facilities.

2022 Plant 3 Expansion
Plant 3 grows to 250,000 sq. ft. This provides more space for production, window installation, and rebar production.

2023 Hagersville Redi-Mix Plant
Moved and built a new total precast facility at our Hagersville Redi-Mix plant.

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