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Wall Panels

Custom Designs, Shapes, Finishes and Applications

Precast wall panels are the perfect solution to your construction project. Precast wall panels provide flexibility in design, shape, finishes and application. Our wall panels are manufactured in a controlled environment using state-of-the-art batching equipment allowing for high quality finishes. Precast wall panels provide a clean finished appearance as the building is being erected with minimal clean-up and repair required. The end result is a high quality, durable building constructed at a greatly reduced build time.

Advantages of Precast Wall Panels:
  • Great flexibility in design, shape, finish and application
  • Used as cladding or structural (insulated or non-insulated) application
  • Extremely durable and sound resistant, compared to alternative building materials
  • Quick installation allows for a fast building enclosure, earlier occupancy and lower financing costs
  • Various finishes available depending on owner’s and architect’s preferences
  • Easily adaptable to other building materials
  • Indoor manufacturing ensures consistent quality and allows for year around production
  • Various fire-ratings can be achieved to address job specific requirements.
Precast Wall Panel Brochure